Night Vision Glasses Driver Glasses Polarized Outdoor Men Hd Vision Night Driving Goggles Car Accessories 2019

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The method of maintenance of sun glasses is similar to that of general glasses. For better maintenance,you should form a good habit to clean, fold and store the glasses.Since sun glasses tend to be scratched due to the frequent wearing and taking off, there are some tips to remind you of the job of maintenance: Do not wipe the glasses with you nails,if the glasses are stained. It will scratch the surface.Many people hang the glasses on their heads, necks or pockets when they're not wearing them.If so,do not walk or move so quickly in case of any break or crack .If you will put the glasses in bag, it is recommended that you first put them into the hard glasses box, and then into the bag to avoid the hurt of keys, comb, copper and the contamination of cosmetics such as lipstick ,make-up ,etc. It is a very bad habit for some drivers to put the glasses on the dashboard or seat .The hot weather will deform the shape of the glasses, especially bad for the plastic frames.It is best to take it out of the car, or store it in glasses box. All in all ,no matter where you intend to place your sunglasses , please be sure to make the convex side upward.


1. Taking off glasses with one hand is harmful to the balance of the frame resulting in deformation of the shape of the glasses. It is recommended to take off the glasses with two hands in parallel direction along cheeks.

2. It is suggested to fold the left leg of the glasses first,which can reduce the degree of deformation of the frame.

3. It is suggested to clean the glasses with pure water and clean the water with smooth cloth, and then use the special eyeglass cloth for wiping. It is necessary to hold the edge wire of the frame on one side of the glasses and gently wipe the lens, so as to avoid damage to the frame or lens caused by excessive force.

4. Please wrap the glasses in cloth and put them in the glasses box when it is not needed. Put the convex side of the glasses upward for temporary placement in case of any scratch to the glasses. Avoiding the contact of the glasses with insect repellent, toilet products, cosmetics, hair gel, medicine and other corrosive materials, and the long-term exposure to sunlight or high temperature enviroment.

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Cars Night Vision Glasses Driver Glasses Polarized Outdoor Men Hd Vision Night  Driving Goggles Car Accessories 2019

Night Vision Glasses Driver Glasses Polarized Outdoor Men Hd Vision Night Driving Goggles Car Accessories 2019